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Romemu New Membership Form 2020-2021

We warmly welcome you to Romemu, a Global Center for Elevated Jewish Life. 
We can't wait to get to know you over the next days, months and years.
Romemu is a community, a spiritual home, and an approach to Judaism that bridges the heart and the mind. 
Come on in, and tell us about yourself!

Thank you for choosing Romemu as your spiritual home.


Romemu Brooklyn High Holiday Tickets are now available! Please purchase them using this form.


A note on Membership Rates and COVID-19

We are grateful that you're here, and that you're choosing to support Romemu with your presence and your financial contribution. Your membership dues and trust are critical ingredients in this community.  In this time of COVID-19, we appreciate your support more than ever before. 100% of membership dues go towards paying for Romemu's clergy, music, staff, teachers, and space. Every dollar helps us. Your generosity goes a long way at Romemu. 

Household Information

Membership Fees and Payment

Here are the detailed benefits for each membership type:

These are the Romemu membership options available to you: 

Here are the detailed benefits for each membership type: 

These are the Romemu membership options available to you:

To learn more about being a Chai Contributor, please click here.


The Ez'rah (With Help) Membership is for you if you have suffered a recent job loss or serious financial hardship that has you unable to pay for our traditional membership packages, or if you are not able to afford our traditional membership packages for any other reason. 

In this membership category, members pay what they can. We suggest that this contribution be at least 1.5% of your pre-tax income.

Romemu turns nobody away due to economic circumstances. We welcome you as you are, and look forward to having you in our community.

Standards of Behavior

In joining Romemu as a member, I/we agree to uphold the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of all members of the Romemu community at all Romemu functions and events. 

As a Romemu member, I/we agree to act in ways that respect the sacred communal space where Romemu and other religious communities gather and pray. 

In the event that I violate these Standards of Behavior, I acknowledge that the Romemu Ethics Committee reserves the right to bar me from participating in Romemu's services, programs, and community. 

By becoming a member of Romemu I agree to abide by any determinations made by the ethics committee and further agree to waive and release any and all claims against Romemu clergy, staff, board members and members of the ethics committee with respect to any such committee review and determinations. 

COVID-19 has impacted all of us in different ways. Please consider donating to subsidize memberships for those in need.
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Mon, January 25 2021 12 Shevat 5781