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"Openings" Release Party with Shoshana Jedwab & Special Guests

Please join us for a Sukkot celebration in honor of Shoshana Jedwab's new single


Sunday, October 4, 2020
7-8:30pm EDT

Join us in the virtual Sukkah for music, dance and conscious feasting to celebrate the release of Openings, Shoshana Jedwab's new single! 

Openings is a musical reimagining of Asher Yatzar, Judaism’s traditional blessing over excretion (the Jewish “bathroom blessing”). A joyous, dance-ready tune, Openings invites us into the spirit of Sukkot, a holiday festival that celebrates both the joy and fragility of embodiment, and of our dwelling places, all at the same time. 

Romemu is thrilled to co-sponsor this event, featuring Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses, Kohenet Shamirah (Sarah Chandler), Dr. Judy Siegel, dance catalyst Kohenet Aliza Rivka, embodiment activist Shawn Shafner, and of course, Shoshana Jedwab! 

As a child, Shoshana Jedwab would drum on parked cars, plates, tables, books and other people's bodies. Hailing from a family of rabbis and community leaders decimated by the Holocaust, Shoshana became a prize-winning sacred text teacher, the Jewish Life Coordinator at the A.J. Heschel Middle School as well as a founding faculty member at the Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute where she goes by the name Batshemesh.   As one of Romemu’s regular hand drummers, and as worship leader, singer-songwriter, and teacher, Shoshana brings depth, humor, voice, feminism and sizzling rhythm to her grateful audiences.  Shoshana Jedwab’s original sacred music grounds body and spirit, and brings the ancestral past into joyous contemporary practice. The seven songs of Shoshana’s 2016 debut album, “I Remember”, and her 2018 viral single, “Where You Go,” emerged from ceremonies Shoshana was leading, and are now being sung, and danced to, in churches, synagogues, weddings and protest marches around the world. In 2017 Shoshana Jedwab was included in Jewish Rock Radio’s Jewish Women Who Rock the Worship World.

Shoshana is releasing her new single, “Openings,” on Sukkot 2020. A grateful fan wrote: "Beautiful reincarnation of a sacred prayer. Body positive, sex positive, and death positive, with beautiful singing and catchy beats."

Find more at or on Bandcamp.

Admission to this event is free.  Suggested donation is $18.

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Wed, September 30 2020 12 Tishrei 5781