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🍏🍎🌸 Registration June 2020 - Romemu Yeshiva

Click below to choose the course(s) you would like to register for.

Deadline for requesting financial aid: Wednesday, May 20
New deadline: Friday, May 22, 11am EDT

Registration deadline for courses (Kabbalah, Hasidut, Rabbinics): Monday, May 25
Registration deadline for electives: Monday, June 1


After registering for Hasidut, Kabbalah, or Rabbinics, you will receive a link to a Hebrew placement survey & other course materials. 

🍏Notes for those taking courses:  

  • 🍏If you are taking Kabbalah and require an English translation: we suggest you place an order for this book: Tomer Devora
  • 🍏If you are taking Hasidut and require an English translation, we suggest you place an order for this book: Meor Enayim by Art Green
  • 🍏If you are taking Hasidut and you require a Hebrew version with vowels, this Meor Enayim  is only $32 plus shipping.
  • 🍏If you are taking Rabbinics and require an English translation, we expect to be sending you a PDF that you can read on-screen or print out in advance. 
  • 🍏Hebrew texts for courses will be provided as links or PDFs. 
  • 🍎Handouts for electives will be provided as links or PDFs. 

Click here to read full descriptions of each of these electives & courses.

To apply for financial aid, use this form

Registration fees only refundable on the following schedule: .

Students cannot switch classes or courses, except to change Hebrew levels. 
  • If you cancel before June 1 - 80% refund 

  • If you drop out of a class between June 1-5 - 50% refund

  • No refunds after June 6

Wed, August 5 2020 15 Av 5780